Improve Your Life in 5 Minutes

Let me guess a few things about you. You feel unsatisfied with your life. You’re going through routine things over and over again without feeling accomplished. You don’t feel completely happy with your life, the decisions, you’ve made, or where your life stands right now.

I’m not saying that this blog post will instantly improve your life astronomically, but what I am saying is that I’m going to give you 3 things that you can do right now to improve your life significantly. These are going to be very hard truths that nobody will tell you because it’s “politically incorrect”. Fuck that.

#1 Be More Attractive

Wow! So you’re telling me that every Disney movie and Hollywood film is lying to me when they say to be yourself and that you’ll be loved for who you are on the inside? Yes. (Hint: Movies have that plot because they want to be politically correct and they want to appeal to the masses aka the average Joe). The average Joe can’t comprehend the hard truth.

There’s a reason why numerous studies have shown that more attractive people are more successful and more liked than less attractive people. This is universal, so it’s not society, it’s biology.

beautiful-1274056_1920 No witty caption necessary

Now if you’re not used to this advice, it might come as a shock to you, but it’s true. People like more attractive people. Now what does this mean for you? Not everyone can be Brad Pitt or Margot Robbie, but everyone can be the most attractive person they can be.

Look at yourself objectively. Is there something you can improve? Bad teeth? Get braces. Fat? Hit the gym and you’ll look better and live longer! Acne? Get some acne medication.

The pessimists in the comments will say “some people are born ugly, short, handicapped, etc.” To that we say can you be buff and ugly? Buff and short? Buff and handicapped? Of course. Again, make the best with what you have. There are things that you have control over. Personal hygiene and fat levels are these things.

#2 Provide Value

Every relationship in your life personal or professional is based on transactions. Every relationship is give-and-take and when one side doesn’t hold up it’s side, the relationship fails. I guarantee that you can not find an example where this equation does not hold up. The currency exchanged can be tangible (money, resources, etc.) or intangible (joy, status, etc.)

Lets give some examples.

Parent – Child: The parent derives joy from passing on genes for another generation and the feeling of love and the child gets food, resources to live and the feeling of love.

Employer – Employee: The most obvious example of a strictly monetary exchange. When the employee is no longer making money for the employer, the relationship is terminated.

Friends: Look at your friends. You hang out with them because you derive joy from them and they derive joy from you. As soon as one party no longer derives that joy, the relationship ceases to exist.

This is harsh. I know. But I’m here to help you, not to comfort you. The hard truth is that if you provide no value, then nobody is going to fuck with you. Simple as that. It might seem counter-intuitive, but as soon as you realize that relationships are more science than art, your relationships will improve.

#3 Stop Trying to Be “Nice”

This sort of ties into the previous point but stop trying to be “nice”. I put that word in quotes because everyone knows what I mean by “nice”. The person who is overly friendly all the time not because they’re a genuinely kind person, but because they want everyone to like them and they expect something in return. Some people are kind and that’s fantastic but the fake nice people are the worst.

You can smell this person from a mile away. They reek of desperation and of pity. Please don’t be this person. I’m not saying be a dick, but don’t be nice because you hope people will see you for your “niceness” and do things for you. People don’t do things for you because you’re nice, people do things for your to get something in return (see point #2).



Now I know this post wasn’t as gut-bustingly hilarious as most of my posts, but it’s important and now you can improve your life. This advice will sting and you’re most likely going to be mad about it but after you follow these tips, you will thank me. I know it. You’re Welcome.

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