Five Reasons Why Lifting is Essential

Lifting is the most important thing that you can do. Based on my physical stature, you would think that I’ve been lifting since the womb. I am here to confirm that fact as the undisputed king of lifting. Nobody inbox me for lifting numbers as it would crash your computer.

Actual sonogram of me. I outgrew           kettlebells by the time I was 1.

Imagine a world where you have the confidence to go places shirtless even when shirts are required. By the end of this post, that will be you.

#1) Confidence:

The magic of the iron. From the iron used in the swords of Rome or the iron tips from the arrows of the Mongols, iron has found a way into every single society on earth (except before the discovery of iron). When someone has the body they want, they have no choice but to carry themselves with the utmost confidence and swagger. Think of that feeling you get when you have a brand new car or a brand new sexy pair of shoes. Now imagine that feeling with a brand new body.

jCould be you and all your glory.

What does a Spartan and a gym bro have in common? They both look great shirtless and slay poon. After you start lifting, a new sense of confidence will be cast upon you like no other. Confidence really embodies all the great benefits of lifting. You will feel like a taller, stronger, more attractive and overall better version of yourself (aka me).

#2) Energy:

Lifting allows us a great sense of energy. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of a pump. For those of you who don’t know, a pump is the feeling of your swollen muscles during a workout. It will feel like you can’t touch your face or brush your teeth. Enjoy this feeling for it will be short-lived. A pump is the biggest and best version of yourself. When you have a pump, you are the epitome of who you are as a person. When you have a pump you are so hard that even a boner seems soft. If you want to be softer than a Gingerbread man dipped in eggnog, please stop reading.  




The amount of energy that you get from lifting cannot be overstated. You will feel like a new man and will have an increased sense of energy and vibrancy in your lifestyle. People will notice the difference. The guy below literally turned into Superman, the Hulk, and Black Panther combined. There is no greater injection of energy than right after a lifting session. A post-lifting session actually makes you feel like you can lift the world-because you can.




#3) Aesthetics: 

Clearly one of the most important aspects of lifting. Whether people admit it or not, this is the cornerstone of lifting. This is the reason why dudes have more commitment to the iron than their girlfriend(s). Deep down we are all shallow people who understand that the world judges us by our looks before our actions or our words. We judge people not by the content of their character, but by the ripped-ness of their muscles.

Anger issues and illiterate but people love him                    because of his muscles


Would you rather be ugly or ugly and ripped? Thought so since 2 is better than 1. If you want to look like a ripped muscle sex god, this is for you. If you want to look like Pussy McGingerbread below, then please head over to the shake weight section at your local CrossFit gym. This point is a no-brainer and to waste any more time elaborating would be like beating a dead hooker.


Embarrassed to be using a shake weight. Even more embarrassed to have no muscle


#4) Discipline and Work Ethic:

This is actually a great reason to start lifting. It’s one thing to be someone who goes to the gym regularly, but it’s a whole other thing to be someone who never misses a workout. I shit you not on some days where I have to travel for work at 7 am, I go to the gym at 5 am. Why do I do this? How about this for motivation. I lift because I don’t want to look like this guy below (also due to crippling insecurites about body image).


Clearly has never lifted


The discipline and work ethic from going to the gym day after day and night after night cannot be understated. You will gain a sense of appreciation and dedication from doing this. It will teach you that this is not an overnight fix and like all the things in life that are rewarding, it takes discipline and dedication. This is not some Hallmark card bullshit where it’s “inspirational” words overlapping a landscape. This is a fact.



#5 Being Healthy / Immune to Poison:

All I know is that the more muscle I have, the more alcohol I can drink. I’ve done no scientific research, but I have conducted clinical trials on myself and people I know. By clinical trials, I mean casual observation. Now I’m no health scientist (or any scientist) but what I do know is that the most jacked dudes I know can drink the most. I also know that alcohol is a type of poison. So the more you lift, the increased tolerance that you have against poison. Lifting is a natural defense towards poison. Bet you didn’t know that. You’re welcome.

Immune to poison


So fucking easily poisoned


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  1. Great post Tyler. I’ve been at the gym for years now and I know it’s a great confidence boost as well as a trainer for body and mind.

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